When and where. How. Why is unnecessary.

In less than 72 hours, I leave for a journey. Wheels up in Chicago, wheels down in Bangkok. Three months, six countries, five hundred meals and a thousand poorly taken photographs.

This trip will be many firsts for me. First time in Asia. First time traveling for more than a few weeks. First time traveling with no itinerary, no schedule, no plan, no tour group or cruise ship captain.

It will be the longest time I’ve spent in non-English speaking countries. The longest time I’ve spent without a job in a decade. The longest I’ve lived out of a backpack. The longest without a home or a bed or a city to call my own. It will be an adventure.

Food is the main focus. Eating, cooking, shopping, tasting, watching, studying. If I can absorb some things, deconstruct, recreate, then I’ll be happy. This is where the years I’ve spent cooking professionally will pay off, I’m hoping. Beyond that, I’ll spend time outdoors: hiking, riding motorcycles, exploring caves, jungles, mountains. Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam. 24 hours in Hong Kong to cap it off (if I come home in time).

This is also a time for intense self reflection. Time to figure out what I want, what makes me happy, what I value, and what I can do without. If I can nail down these four simple things, I can make some decisions for the future.


One thought on “When and where. How. Why is unnecessary.

  1. Wow what a great gig! So proud of you for taking the leap, most would not have the courage. Enjoy life, every minute. Keep us posted.

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